In uncertain times let's go back to basics and do what we know well

It would be fair to say that 2016 has thrown up a few challenges along the way, and I suspect there are more to come as we head into 2017. Uncertainty seems to be rife, but living in a so called ‘post-truth’ society should be nothing new to anyone familiar with the work of some of the tabloid press when it comes to recycling!

As a global manufacturer of recycled aluminium sheet to several markets (packaging, automotive, electronics etc.), we have become used to the interconnected nature of global economies, even if we often can have little influence on their direction.  In such changeable circumstances, it does sometimes make you wonder – just what can we do?

Faced with such a challenge I think it’s easiest to go back to basics and do what we know we can and do it well.  To that end WRAP’s recent  ‘Framework for Greater Consistency in Household Recycling for England’ and ‘Recycling Guidelines’  are timely and hopefully useful pointers to help deliver the win, win, win of increased recycling, improved material quality, whilst saving money and offering a good service to householders. These guidance documents sit nicely alongside earlier advice in Wales and Scotland.  Novelis Recycling celebrates its 25th anniversary of recycling aluminium cans at Warrington this year and we hope to continue for many more with the continued support of UK local authorities, it has been a real team effort.

So if you have any queries about making the most of the opportunities for recycling aluminium cans in these changeable times, we’d be delighted to hear directly from you.  Novelis is also a proud funding supporter of the Metalmatters campaign aimed at helping drive up recovery of all metal packaging through targeted communications.  Again, if that sounds of interest, please do get in touch. And here’s hoping for a less turbulent 2017.  Novelis