Sai-Pac & Sphere Professional: Why we are more than just a bag!

We had local authority services specifically in mind when we developed our laminated recycling bags – made of 100% recyclable and recycled material – these sacks are ideal for servicing flats and apartments - they are being used by local authorities, e.g. LB Westminster at this very moment!  In the past 5 years, over 20,000 laminated recycling bags have been distributed to Westminster flat-dwellers. Proving to be a great solution for internal storage and for the transfer of dry recyclables to communal bins. Since the bags were distributed the amount of recycling collected has increased on average by 25 kilos per household per year in targeted properties.  The bags are UV resistant so they don’t fade, and easy to clean, with a velcro-flap fastening flap closure, they are sturdy and self-standing – all of which makes them very popular with residents. For the LA operative, they have a useful tipping handle at the base.   These laminated sacks are ideal for newspapers, cans, bottles, cardboard and glass and come in various colours and up to 5 colours printing – so your message to the householder can be informative & inviting.

We pride ourselves on the expertise we have to advise local authorities on important technical details and we are sensitive to delivery times. LAs are entitled to expect assurances from their supplier that the product, whether re-recycled, re-usable or compostable, is fit for purpose, presents value for money – and we can provide those assurances because we are not only suppliers, but we are producers of ethically and environment-friendly recycling bags.  Through our equity investment in Sphere Professional we were one of the first suppliers to introduce fully compostable potato starch and carbon neutral products to the UK.

Alongside our laminated recycling bags we have our kerbside bags, 100% recyclable and recycled material content made from high quality Woven PP.  These have an optional weighted base and are also very sturdy and durable, with strong carry and tipping handles.  These bags are also UV resistant so ageing is not a problem, which is an important factor to the householder.  We can produce these in a variety of colours and sizes and they are invaluable for paper, garden, waste, even chemicals, in fact all kinds of recyclables – so they are an essential part of your recycling armoury!

Put these two products in line with:

1) our recycling and waste sacks 100% recyclable and recycled material content) – available in clear and numerous colours, loose or on a role, plain or printed – indeed we can make them to your specification.  Tie handles, and crisply printed messages make these ideal for the domestic and commercial use. 

2) our 100% compostable food waste caddy liners which we produce and are certified EN 13432.

…and you have all the tools you need for a successful recycling programme.

We also have comprehensive websales for house-holders top ups 

That is why Sai-Pac/ Sphere Professional are so much more than just a bag!


Please get in touch and I can discuss all your recycling-bag needs.  My contact details are on the website – Sanjay Prabhakar