RWM - Check out what's in store this year with the new organisers, and get your ticket!

RWM has developed and built an incredibly strong reputation throughout the recycling and waste industry. Building on this reputation and adding value to the already recognised show was a goal set out by Prysm Group upon acquiring the event. Working towards the Prysm vision means RWM is bolstered with new features this year that includes a broader inclusion of sectors that were previously overlooked.

Introducing the Future Resource Expo as an upgrade from the supply and demand zone adds another branch to the event and highlights a quickly developing sector. Future Resource will  be looking into the growing need for renewable energy and the avenues we can go down to achieve this. RWM has clear focus towards the relevant market, with dedicated spaces to business growth and local authorities. The Local Authority Theatre will provide specialist seminars on topics ranging from odour control at waste plants through to lessons on bringing in new customers for local businesses!

The deeper focus on the business aspect of the industry at RWM this year is reflected in the Business Growth Theatre that looks to be a dedicated space for those who wish to develop their business strategies moving forward. Opportunities to be present during seminars from Google Digital Garage to learn about the benefits of an improved marketing approach and how to develop a successful marketing strategy make RWM a unique opportunity to learn new skills and ideas, resulting in an invaluable event for professionals.

Understanding the best avenues to explore when looking to take the next steps with business growth was an objective set out early when Prysm acquired RWM, and so having individuals like Jacqueline O’Donovan speaking in the Business Growth Theatre as well as recruitment and consultant services exhibiting throughout the two day event makes this objective a reality.

The Innovation Trail is a fantastic feature of the event and will be returning to help identify the companies pushing the boundaries of the industry. Understanding the companies who offer the most ingenious and innovative solutions and services will allow for a streamlined visit that will include only the best on offer. Alongside those featured on the Innovation Trail, market leading companies such as JCB and Mercedes Benz will be exhibiting at the event with their latest and greatest products in tow!

Registration is now open for the biggest recycling and waste expo of the year! Free tickets for RWM are easily obtained here