Recycle Week, it’s time to act

The countdown is on for Recycle Now's
'biggest and best Recycle Week on Record'.

Are you ready?

On September 23rd, Recycle Week 2019 will kick off with a huge out of home, PR, and advertising campaign across the nation. We are bringing schools, businesses, councils, and citizens together to show that we can all make a difference. An extensive social media campaign will support the action, with influencers and brands lined up to help spread the message.

Last year, we had great success lighting buildings up green to publicise Recycle Week. This year we are planning to go even bigger and better with more buildings being turned green. This is a great opportunity to generate local PR for you. Town halls, cathedrals and iconic monuments are all up for grabs so please get contacting them!

Thanks to increased awareness, environmental concerns are front of mind for people, and Recycle Week 2019 is a great opportunity for us to encourage citizens to get involved, and show they really can make a difference. This year for Recycle Week, we are taking recycling into our own hands, showing people that recycling is the norm and it’s happening all across Britain. This year’s Recycle Week theme is aimed at encouraging action wherever you are. Please support the week and encourage your local residents to take action too!

How can I get involved?
All Recycle Week assets are free for local authorities to use. This includes posters, social media templates, and pull-up banners. Recycle Now has developed a simple step by step toolkit to help you and your design teams personalise these assets. You can download these from our Resource Library, here. Please note, these assets are emargoed until September 23rd. There are two assets, however, which you can use in the build up to Recycle Week to start generating interest.

As well as the above, Recycle Now will be providing a template press release for you to use next week, and tailor for your area so please keep an eye out for this. Please do sign up to our local authority newsletter (selecting ‘Collections and Recycling’ from areas of interest) and we will let you know when it is ready.

To get the most out of Recycle Week this year, you can:

  • Share action happening in your area using #recycleweek and #inourownhands
  • Amplify the campaign by re-tweeting and sharing Recycle Week content
  • Light up any local iconic buildings green

Let’s get trending
Remember to use the hashtags #recycleweek and #inourownhands to support the week. Let’s get Recycle Week trending again at number 1 in the UK like we all did in 2017 and 2018.

Together, we will empty, crush, squash, sort and separate to make this year's
Recycle Week the biggest and best ever!