Modulo Beton HWRCs – construction with a conscience

  • “We did not inherit the earth from our parents we borrow it from our children”.
  • “Glass bottles take 4,000 years to decompose”
  • “Glass takes 1 million years to fully degrade in a landfill”
  • “Glass, like aluminium, is infinitely recyclable – without any loss in purity or quality”
  • “Recycling just two aluminium cans save the same amount of energy it takes to power a PC for a single workday”
  • “Nine out of ten people said they would recycle if it were easier”

Over the past 100 years the amount of waste that humans produce has increased tremendously and is expected to grow even more in the future, requiring HWRCs to further improve to provide a better standard of recycling, convenience and safety for those who work in and use them. What are the possibilities?

Modulo Beton Modular Recycling Centres Ltd offers a sustainable solution for household waste recycling centres that facilitates efforts towards a circular economy. We offer a prefab concrete modular system for the construction of split-level household waste recycling centres that helps achieving higher recycling rates, enhances safety and customer satisfaction and is future proof because of its flexibility. Construction time is very short; only 1-2 weeks, depending on the size of the platform. Modulo is a patented and proven system. Over 400 facilities have been built worldwide.

The Modulo system does not need any piling or subsurface foundations. We built a HWRC on a former landfill in Cardiff.

As waste streams, legislation and requirements are constantly changing it is important to choose a flexible system that can be adapted and improved when needed. A Modulo HWRC has many interesting possibilities. The space under the platform can be used for storage, a re-use shop, offices, a tool library etc.

Your future HWRC could be more than a place for disposal of waste. It could be an inviting place for residents inspiring them to make the most out of waste.

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The benefits:

  • The split-level Modulo platform is convenient and safe for staff and residents
  • The convenience and better overview make it easier to achieve higher recycling rates
  • Additional space is created inside the platform for multi-purpose use like storage, offices, hazardous waste, re-use shop
  • Easy and quick installation: around 2 weeks to install
  • Expandable for future needs by placing additional blocks
  • Relocation and/or combining Modulo HWRCs in the future is a possibility
  • Design life time of the concrete elements is 50 years
  • No risk of budget overrun, a clear and fixed price
  • Aesthetically attractive and professional appearance
  • Prefab units allow high quality concrete combined with lower carbon emissions
  • Helps creating a circular economy
  • No subsurface foundation needed