Marketing ideas for your residents

The Problem

You have sent letters directly to your residents asking them to be more conscious with the way that they recycle or informing them that you are bringing in a chargeable service.

Unfortunately, these letters did not make the impact you hoped for and has this then led to an increase of Customer Service calls from your residents, not clear on the messaging you were trying to get across and most of them had just thrown the letter away.

An increase of customer calls can take up valuable time within the Contact Centre, which could mean that you need to employ extra people at busy times of the year, leading to additional cost as well.

The Solution
How about creating eye catching marketing material? At PermiServ we have the capacity to improve the ways you communicate with your residents in a concise and clear way.

Being able to work with many councils over the years means that we have been able to bring together products that are completely customisable and effective.

Maybe you need to get a resident’s attention by having hangtags or with adhesive stickers on their bins? The hangtags are left on the handles of the bins, which the Waste Collector can add when they are doing their normal rounds. The beauty of this type of communication is that they can be bright in colour, as shown, making them more noticeable to your residents and take no time away from your Crew doing their job.

Here at PermiServ we have our own Print Factory meaning we’re able to make stickers and labels of all kinds in-house. The machinery we use is shown in the image below which is a Deflex machine which is capable of 20 – 70 metres per min of printing. It can use four colours as well as white to create eye catching material.

 Please get in touch if you would like any more information regarding our printed products, or if you would like a sample pack sent to you to show what can be achieved.  Permiserv