LOVE FOOD HATE WASTE "Compleating" in the New Year

Love Food Hate Waste is calling on local authorities across the UK to support its latest campaign, Compleating, in a bid to get the nation to completely eat the whole of their foods, this campaign will show 18-24-year-old students, professionals and young families how to compleat!

Food waste is a big problem. Not only is it a waste of money (a family of four throws away £70 worth of food every month!) but it is also terrible news for the environment. If households across the UK curbed the amount of food ending up in our kitchen bins, it would reduce emissions of harmful gases that are contributing to climate change.

Personal preference is one of the key reasons why edible food goes to waste in UK households, perfectly edible parts of common foods such as potatoes and bread are going to waste because people don’t want to eat them, don’t know how to prepare them, or in some cases don’t even realise they are edible. If more people ate things like potato skins and peels, bread ends and crusts, broccoli and cauliflower stalks and pizza crusts, this would greatly help to reduce UK food waste and would benefit our environment.

Ask your Citizens to Compleat this New Year


That’s why Love Food Hate Waste wants you to join in and get your citizens to start Compleating in the New Year. Key players have already signed up to support the campaign in their own way- from running activities in-store, hosting online prize giveaways or simply sharing campaign content on social media.

What can I do in my local authority?
Ways to get involved include featuring Compleating on your website, social media and other communication channels. You could even launch your own competitions, leaflet campaigns, give-aways to engage your citizens in your own brand style. Also engaging with your staff and catering departments to have a Compleating menu featuring some of the foods that are wasted, getting staff to take pictures of themselves Compleating foods to upload to social media, the
ideas are endless - Use the #Compleating on Instagram and other social media and link to live 16th January 2019)

Speak to your marketing departments and contact Ailsa Guard - at Love Food Hate Waste to register interest, spark ideas and find out more about the campaign.
There will be a short half hour webinar on January 16th to explain the campaign in more detail that we would love you to attend, please contact Ailsa Guard to register and get the link.
Please click here for the partners pack: WRAP Resource Library

Digital assets in English and Welsh will be ready for you to use in the campaign launch. Please apply embargoes where stated.