LARAC Value means being at the eye of the storm

Judging by some of the pictures at the weekend around Storm Ciara it will not be long before there is a call for EPR on garden trampolines. Until then the LARAC policy focus is very much on the packaging EPR issues and the associated DRS and consistency policy areas that DEFRA is now taking forward in earnest. As Carole highlighted in her last blog, the expectation is the next set of consultations to be launched at some point from summer onwards.

LARAC has already been involved in three meetings that will inform this next round of consultations and there will be several more in the coming weeks. It is great that we are in there putting the case for local authorities forward and informing DEFRA and the wider industry about the issues we currently face and could face depending on what changes are planned. We could be said to be at the eye of this particular storm!

The nature of these meetings means we cannot share the details yet; it comes as a condition of a seat at the table. But we will pass on what we can, when we can, so you know as much as possible. To that end we hope to get a briefing paper out this month on progress.

Something else we will get out to you soon is feedback on the membership satisfaction survey that we undertook in December. Thank you to all those who responded, it really does help us figure out how we take LARAC forward for your benefit, ensuring we reflect what you want to see from us. The results are very encouraging, levels of satisfaction in LARAC services, how we communicate and what we do, remain high and are consistent with previous years.

An interesting change for me was what you valued most from LARAC. In 2014 it was the free advertising of vacancies, in 2017 it was the networking and sharing of good practise and in 2019 it was the policy responses to Government. This is no great surprise given the major consultations we responded to last year and the vast amount of effort and support that LARAC provided. The fact that the work and effort has been recognised and appreciated by you the members acts as encouragement for us and shows that the approach we adopted was one that was useful.

With 2020 seeing another round of important and game-changing consultations we aim to deliver at least the same, and hopefully better, service and support for you. I hope you can see the value in being a LARAC member and so choose to remain with us as the new LARAC year approaches and invoices wing their way to you. By doing so, you can access this policy support, the networking, the free advertising and let’s not forget a reduced delegate rate to the UK Conference in October. That’s a lot of bang for your buck.