Keeping an open mind and forging new relationships

When all we are currently hearing about is severing EU relations and how this will potentially disrupt our current business arrangements and regulations, we at VIP are happy to be finding new and willing partners across the water. Of course, there is uncertainty out there but there are also possibilities, so it is essential to approach the future with an open mind.

We are a country of innovation, this has been instanced in recent years by local authorities as they have faced up to austerity, as well as the private sector as we aim to help local authorities meet their obligations. It is as a result of this creativity and spirit of co-operation that we have recently been able to expand our franchise into Norway.

We are pleased to announce that we have awarded the Master Licence for Norway to Joachim Martinsen and Petter Arntzen and the new business will be launched in Oslo in April 2017. Joachim and Petter first contacted VIP Bin Cleaning in November 2016, and after regular telephone conversations between both parties they accepted VIP’s invitation for them to visit the UK in early January 2017. During this visit, Joachim and Petter met the VIP team, saw first-hand how the business operated, witnessed the design and manufacturing of the VIP Bin Cleaning machinery and gained a good overall understanding of the company.

In short, we formed at strong relationship which enabled us to move forward quickly, the deal was agreed, and they returned to the UK in March to complete their initial training programme.

Neither had a history in waste and recycling: Petter who is 29 years old comes from the entertainment and restaurant industry and was responsible for the hospitality sector at MESH in Oslo. MESH was the first co working space in Oslo and has become the leading independent initiative for Norwegian entrepreneurs. Joachim has worked for several years in the windscreen industry in Oslo where part of his responsibility was to recruit, train and support franchisees so he has extensive knowledge of the franchise industry.

But, they both had identified that in the last couple of years there has been more than a significant focus placed on environmental and recycling issues in Norway. This is especially evident in the strictness now witnessed regarding the cleaning and the removal of smells and odours from bins and trash cans.

They recognised bin cleaning would be become very important in Norway and decided to research the web to see what was happening in other countries. It was what was happening in the UK that impressed them. They came across VIP Bin Cleaning and realised that we had made innovations which fitted their requirements perfectly. Joachim also realised that VIP Bin Cleaning ticked all his needs as far as franchising was concerned – strong, recognisable and reputable brand - multi award-winning in various aspects of their business – and with proven systems and processes in place.

Petter and Joachim together could also see that VIP has, for 20 years, put significant emphasis on being environmentally friendly in the way they operate as well as their cleaning products - VIP has also successfully launched their business and brand in 10 countries around the world – and the icing on the cake for them was the quality of the build and operating capabilities of the bespoke and unique VIP Bin Cleaning machinery.

With their knowledge of Norway, not an EU member but closely associated with the EU through its membership of the EEA (European Economic Area) as a European Free trade association member, and the information they have of the industry coupled with the VIP name, support and machinery, they are very confident of establishing the business in Oslo before progressing to the rest of Norway.

VIP would like to welcome Joachim and Petter to the company and to wish them the very best in this new venture for them in Norway. We also look forward to a bright future – not because of any political situation but because we are open to new partnerships and, as long as the UK remains a host to best practice then, as instanced here, business and new relations will be attracted to us.