Covid-19 and its impact on wider policy issues

I’m sure you are all still reeling from the developments of the last few weeks, and the latest announcement from the Government that we must all stay at home where possible. You will have also received a lot of emails explaining how different organisations are managing these unexpected events, and so I thought I should take this opportunity to run through what LARAC is doing and how the Covid 19 situation appears to be impacting on wider policy issues.

As you know LARAC is run with a very small staff base and they are all home based already and so the actual day to day running of LARAC doesn’t change a bit. We still aim to get LARAC Online out to you every fortnight, keep the website up to date and answer any queries or questions you have. This may be impacted if a staff member becomes ill but if that is the case, we will update you.

We have recently created some new dedicated Covid 19 discussion threads  on our discussion pages, where we want to generate sharing of ideas, ask questions or just provide some much-needed moral support. This will only work if you help to contribute therefore if you have forgotten your login, please email to ask for a reminder. The LARAC Exec will add to any posts, so we really hope to get plenty of UK wide discussions going.

LARAC is also participating in a number of DEFRA Covid 19 telephone conference calls with other local government organisations along with a wider call that encompasses the waste management industry and regulators. The plan is to have weekly calls to discuss all the issues around dealing with the Covid 19 situation. As information and relevant updates come out from these calls, we will update our website and send out emails with information. If there are issues you are encountering that you would like us to raise during these calls then please send them in to us or ask on the discussion page.

In terms of the stakeholder meetings that DEFRA and the devolved governments were running in relation to Consistency, DRS and EPR, they are all still happening. They have been recently been changed to telephone or video conference calls but currently they are still going ahead. This may change as government staff get diverted onto Covid 19 work, but we are planning on the basis that meetings still go ahead and LARAC will be represented at them.

In the meantime, if you feel there is anything LARAC can do to help you during these difficult and disrupted times then please get in contact and we will do what we can. Stay safe.