Coming up for air!

And breathe!

That’s it, the first consultation period is over and for a while at least we can all get back to focusing solely on the day job.

For us here at LARAC that means conferences, as this week sees the launch of the bookings for the UK LARAC Conference in our new venue at the NEC Birmingham.  And there is also a save the date for LARAC Wales Conference in Llandrindod Wells. 


No doubt both events will be full of discussion around where we go next on consistency, DRS and EPR. By the time of the UK conference in October we might even be into a next round of consultations – which at the moment is not a thought many of us probably relish. Either way both events are a great opportunity to not only discuss the developments in these areas but learn from each other and different areas of the sector, so keep an eye out for launch information on both conferences through on email and of course on the LARAC website. 

We will take stock of not only our own submission, but also the submissions of others and also the process we went through to formulate them and the information we provided to you. Our aim, leading into the consultation process, was to do as much for you our members as possible, that is why we ran the survey, held the workshops and sent through all the information and drafts of our responses. The feedback that I have received has been positive and people are saying that what we did was a help and of value to them. That is great to hear, and we will follow up more formally at some point so we can refine and improve on the service we provided. 

No doubt there will be a round of industry meetings in the coming months as we all try and figure out what the next steps are and how we influence them. This sort of thing is the bread and butter of the LARAC policy work, and the bit you probably see least of. Its an area where we know we need to improve and get better at telling you about because it is very valuable, it is where lobbying gets done and liaison with the wider industry. 

Thank you for all your engagement throughout the last twelve weeks, it has really helped us produce full responses to all four consultations. It has been a really tough process but I for one feel it has been most definitely worth it. 

Just for now, we are thankful for the very brief breather, like the guys below!