CMPD Environmental Friendly Garden Waste Label Permit Solution

CMPD Solutions are proud to be working with Councils and organisations providing an Environmentally Friendly Garden Waste Label Permit Solution.

Many Councils offering garden waste recycling schemes send out garden waste permits to their residents with ‘non-recyclable backing patches’ (liner) which means 1000’s of backing patches each year end up in landfill/incineration.

We are proud to offer an alternative, environmentally friendlier garden waste label solution that is not only ‘liner-less’ but is also manufactured in a zero to landfill factory, is printed on FSC paper and has a recyclable PET label, that can be recycled with plastic bottles. We can even build tamper evidence into the label and mail out direct to your residents through our easy to use portal too. See:

As a new partner with LARAC we have quickly understood there is a huge problem many councils are experiencing when it comes to educating their residents about recycling and about ‘what residents should be putting in what bin’. Since realising this issue we are now working with multiple councils to help them with our new ‘Recycle Right’ product.

Recycle Right is an A4 letter, that can be personalised to the resident that has a handy repositionable label, that the resident can peel off the letter and apply to eg a fridge door, a cupboard door, Window, or somewhere convenient to keep as a handy reminder sticker to help as a recycling reminder.

We are now taking this a stage further with a unique QR code on the label to identify which addresses are engaging with the QR code, and residents are being encouraged to scan the QR code on the label on a monthly basis for updates on recycled information/Collection timetable changes/ Information about what happens to their waste etc using our portal.

For more information please contact us: or visit us at the LARAC Conference.