Clear on plastics

The last few years has seen an unprecedented rise in concern for the damage that plastics can cause to the natural environment and we’ve all seen householders and citizens across the UK change their views on this controversial material.

People continue to ask questions about how and why we are using plastic, and what we can do to reduce its impact; and many want to take action to reduce their use of plastics. But the topic remains a complicated one, and WRAP’s research demonstrates that citizens are confused about what actions they should take.

As a local authority representative, you’ll no doubt be familiar with fielding questions and statements from your residents, such as:

Why can’t we just ban all plastic packaging?

Is recycling just an excuse to carry on producing more plastic?

Why can’t we replace plastic with other materials like glass or paper?

But it’s ok, it’s compostable/ biodegradable!

In March 2020 WRAP launched Clear on Plastics which aims to answer some of these complicated questions and to cut through the confusion to give citizens clear, evidence-based information on plastics and sustainability to allow them to make their own informed choices.

The campaign is social media led and is amplified by influencer content; Clear on Plastics now has over 1700 followers and our influencer content has already reached over 440,000 citizens.

We’ve gained support from UK Plastics Pact members, Pact supporters and other partners such as local authorities and whilst the campaign is rapidly gaining momentum, we need all our partners to get behind the campaign to ensure that information reaches more households.

To make it easy for local authorities to get involved we’ve organised a free webinar – An introduction to Clear on Plastics and communicating key messages to residents, which will take place on 12th November 2:30 – 3:15pm. Join us for a short webinar and Q&A session where you’ll find out more about our Citizen Engagement Strategy for plastics, hear some of the key citizen insights that we use in the development of the Clear on Plastics campaign, get to view our forthcoming campaign calendar and find out how Clear on Plastics can help you to communicate key messages to your residents. Register here.

We’ve created some ready-made resources.

Please follow us on social media (Twitter and Instagram: @ClearOnPlastics)and like and share social content and link to the Clear on Plastics website from your LA website.

Stay tuned as in November Clear on Plastics will be running a campaign moment focussing on beauty and toiletry packaging; looking at where plastic packaging has its benefits, where it can be problematic, and what citizens can do to reduce, reuse and recycle more plastics. To find out more look out for our local authority email updates or if you’re not already on our mailing list drop an email to

We look forward to working together to change the conversation on plastics!