Albion Environmental’s ‘MyBins App’

Albion Environmental strive to develop innovative and sustainable solutions to common waste and environmental issues.

In 2020, in the midst of the pandemic, the company developed and launched their new mobile and tablet app, ‘MyBins’, to tackle household waste and recycling issues nationwide. Residual waste in Scotland, contains approximately 30% food waste, and it is clear more has to be done to support and educate householders about waste segregation, and this starts with understanding their local authority waste systems.

The MyBins App has been designed as a tool for Local Authorities to offer their residents, to improve communication and simplify waste management for all households. The MyBins App includes a colour-coded digital bin collection calendar, a Waste Search tool, which allows users to search specific items and discover how to dispose of them, bin collection reminders, links to waste & recycling related webpages, recycling tips, and council news items.

The MyBins App is simple to use and contains all waste and recycling information in one handy place.

The Benefits to Residents
The MyBins App ensures residents never miss bin collections, they can recycle their household waste properly by using the ‘Which Bin?’ waste search tool, and find HWRC and other important household information with a few clicks through the app.

The Benefits to the Council
Albion Environmental have been working closely with local authorities for many years, and designed the MyBins App with Waste Management Teams in mind. The App helps reduce the number of missed bin collections, improve household recycling and reduces contamination rates. Most importantly, the MyBins App provides a direct communication path from the council to households. The waste management teams can send targeted alerts to postcode areas to inform of collection delays, road closures and any route changes when required. The app is an easy to use and easy to manage tool which offers a platform to communicate key messages to residents, whilst focusing on improving waste management, recycling, and reaching sustainability objectives.

The team at Albion Environmental are happy to have an informal chat or answer any questions about the My Bins App. Email, or visit to find out more