2021 UK Conference

This week will see us hold the planning meeting for the 2021 UK LARAC Conference and you may have already seen the request for papers that came out recently. It may seem an age until October, but we start the planning process for the event this far in advance each year. Of course, it doesn’t mean everything is set in stone this early, but it is always good to have as full a programme agreed with content and speakers when we launch bookings, usually around May to June.

We are hopeful that this year will see a return to a face-to-face event. It is too early to know what this might look like and what mitigation and changes might be needed to manage the Covid situation at that point. Vaccines seem to be pushing ahead apace, snow delays aside, but we do not know what the post vaccination world will look or feel like and how much “freedom” we will have.

For the moment at least then we will look to plan a two-day programme full of the sort of content you have come to expect and appreciate from the event. No doubt the consultations on consistency, DRS and EPR will feature, as by then we should have had the government’s responses to our consultation responses. It is likely we will have some case studies, we know how valued these are, as well as higher level policy pieces.

This year we also hope to make the workshops sessions more interactive; less time listening to speakers and allowing more time for the attendees to get into some really good discussions with each other.

If you have any thoughts on possible content or the structure of the event, then drop us a line at admin@larac.org.uk and we can include it in the discussions.

Looking back to last year's conference and awards - our Feature this month is on Bristol Waste Company, winner of 2020 Best Communications Campaign Award, and their Litter Hurts Campaign. 

The consultations
Meanwhile we continue to gear up for the consultations that should be out next month at some point. LARAC is looking at how it might be able to gather evidence on garden waste collections and how effective charged-for services have the potential to be. Hopefully, we can say more about that in the next few weeks. We have also met with new Head of Household Waste in Defra recently and will be having a further meeting with them later this month.

In the meantime, I hope the recent snow has not put too much of a strain on your services and staff at what is an already stretched period of time.