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Offers BSc Environmental Science - Full and part time. Link takes you to the course


CIWM Training and Education provides many and various courses in wastes management: NVQ, VRQs and HLAs; certificates; under and post graduate courses; continuing professional development and the Defra New Technologies Education and Training programme. If you can't find the course you and yoru organisation need, then they offer tailored training - specific to your oranisation's requirements. Tel: 01604 620 426. e: training@ciwm.co.uk
Waste and Resource Management MSc - full and part time. Well worth looking at the options at this university.


MSc Waste and Environmental Management. Many courses of different levels. Enter 'Environmental Management' into the search bar and they will all pop up.


Vocational Qualifications. Working to put National Occupational Standards into a framework which provides a flexible system for employers to use. Making NOS easier to understand and simpler to use in a variety of ways. Supporting work based learning packages, such as apprenticeships and developing career progression routes within the wastes industry. Website updated in September 2010. Good accessible site.


NEbosh Environmental. Plus other related courses The link leads straight to these courses


BSc Environmental Management and Planning. the link takes you straight to the list of environmental courses


MEng/BEng Civil and Environmental Engineering. The link takes you straight to the School of Build Environment
The Resource Management Programme - an innovative programme focusing on delivering training for emplyees in the Waste and Recycling sector. It has a stand alone module structure meaning you can just focus on one specific topic area or mis and match to gain a broader breadth ofknowledge. Includes both technical and managerial topics. Intensive modular approach minimises staff time out of the office. The courseis industry specific, with delivery by trainers who are industry experts in the topics, using real life case studies. The practical approach makes a real difference to day-to-day performance. For further information and course details contactMike Hibbert 01484 472 973 or email m.hibbert@hud.ac.uk


Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering: MSc in Environmental Engineering; MSc in Environmental Engineering and Business Management; MSc in Environmental Engineering and Sustainable Development; Full and part-time courses. The link leads you straight to the relevant courses page


Environmental & Earth Resource Management MSc; Hazards & Disaster Management MSc; Sustainable Environmental Development with Management Studies MSc. All above courses full time and part time. The link takes you straight to the pages relating to these courses.


PGC/PGD/MSc Waste and Environmental Management (And others)


Recycling for sustainability. Work-based training programme for business managers to achieve long-term and financial and environmental benefits. Funded by Wastepack Ltd and scholarships also available from Wastepack.


National Examination Board in Occupational Safety & Health. Health and Safety courses run by Envico Ltd, they have a Specialist Diploma in Environmental Management.


BA/BSC Environmental Studies. Part time. Modular. Diploma in Pollution Control. Part time. Modular.


Through this MRes Environmental Management degree, great emphasis is placed on obtaining the practical skills necessary for working in environmental management, with almost two thirds of the course marks coming from the research project. Many of the projects will be based in industry or in governmental organisations, which enhances the relevance of the research undertaken. The link takes you straight to the course


Uclan now (2014) provides ~WRAP's Recycling Managers' Training Programme. Further information can be found on the Uclan website or email: ARGlover@uclan.ac.uk. MSc in Sustainable Waste Management - programme designed to enhance students' career prospects by the application of scientific and managerial expertise to practical business situations. Modular. Various courses: PGD/Msc Waste Management PGD/MA sustainable Waste Management CIWM and various university certificates in Waste Management, Minimisation, Reclamation and Recycling. (and others).
Courses in the environment, sustainability and climate change at their Cornwall campus. The link takes you straight to the department
Post Graduate Certificate, Post Graduate Diploma, MSc, Sustainable Environments. Full and part time. Link takes you straight to course information
MSc Sustainability (Environmental Consultancy and Project Management). This programme is aimed at graduates and professionals who want to pursue roles as consultants and managers in the corporate social responsibility, environmental management and sustainability arenas. The programme, which was the first of its kind in the UK, combines courses that provide grounding in the broad scope of topics which sit under the umbrella of sustainability, ranging from project development to corporate sustainability strategy; alongside courses that focus on the tangible professional skills that are used by environmental and sustainability consultants and project managers. Full time or part time. The link takes you straight to the course.
Environmental Engineering. Various courses. The link takes you to the department (And others)
Well-funded courses in wastes management. They offer home-based HNC, Foundation Degrees or BSc using your prevous experience and qualifications - no need to take time off work. They also offer a basic Waste Awareness Certificate developed in partnership with CIWM. For further information tel: 0800 358 2232 or email study@northampton.ac.uk. Find out about their open days at www.northampton.ac.uk/opendays The link takes you straight to the Wastes Management section
PGC/PGD/MSc Environmental Engineering. Full time. Modular.Link takes you straight to the MSc Engineering
MSc Environmental Pollution. Full time. Contact Dr Chris Collings 0118 378 8910, email: c.d.collins@reading.ac.uk. Link leads straight to the course info
MSC in Environmental Assessment and Management and others
MSc Renewable Energy and Resource Management. The link takes you straight to this course. A good array of other related courses BA/BSc etc.
Masters programme in Environmental Entrepreneurship among other courses. The link leads straight to the course.
BA Environmental Science. Full and part time. Modular. Link takes you straight to the course.


Waste Management Industry Training and Advisory Board. Information on a range of training possibilities for the waste management industry including new recycling NVQs. Also provides employability qualifications . Training provided on-site at employers' premises at times convenient to employer/employee. Waste and recycling qualifications fall into the following categories: Anaerobic Digestion, Recycling, Wast and H&S Dash Training programme specifically for the waste industry.