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The Renewable Energy Association was established in 2001 to represent British renewable energy producers and promote the use of sustainable energy in the UK. The REA was called the Renewable Power Association until October 2005. Representing a wide variety of organisations, including generators, project developers, fuel and power suppliers, equipment producers and service providers. Members range in size from major multinationals to sole traders. Membership topped 500 in early 2007, making the REA the largest renewable energy industry association in the UK.
Recycling of Used Plastics Ltd. News, data, resources and advice useful for local authorities on plastics recycling in the UK.
Recycle for Scotland provides advice and information on how to recycle
Run by Waste Awareness Wales, Recycle for Wales provides householders with information on their local recycling facilities throughout Wales.
WRAP National Recycling Campaign - lots of information for the householder.
Recyclezone, is a great way to introduce ideas about recycling, reduction and reuse of waste to children between 5-13 years old. Loads of fun activities and quizzes and a teachers' section full of useful resources
A Scraps/Waste and Recycled Materials Business to Business Directory or search engine covering paper, iron, steel, metal, plastic, rubber tyre scrap,Computers, mibles phones, class, minerals, chemicals, textiles, leather and waste recycling equipment machines and reprocessed raw material.
This is a public interest/information site. How to recycle just about everything! Contains over 70 articles written by experts who continually update and add new content.
Recycling Guide - A fun, informative and educational guide to recycling offering useful tips on why to recycle and how to go about it.
The Resource Association's ReQIP project brings together information from a wide range of reprocessors about their quality requirements for recyclate received by them, and highlights what they class as ‘prohibited materials’ which affect the integrity of their raw material. It is designed to provide information of use to local authorities and companies servicing the C&I sector as they determine the best ways to collect recycling in their local area, in the absence of any formal guidance from Government in England. It should be read alongside other valuable sources of information, all gathered within the WRAP Resource Hub, and including the Waste Regulations Route Map.
ReusefulUK is a registered charity incepted by scrapstores, resource and creative reuse centres to gather and share information about issues, barriers, opportunities, good practice, achievements, promotions and publications.