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MEng/BEng Civil and Environmental Engineering. The link takes you straight to the School of Build Environment
The Health and Safety Executive Waste Management and Recycling web pages contain all sorts of useful H&S information guidance and publications. The HSE Web site also hosts WISH which has its own entry further down our list.
The Resource Management Programme - an innovative programme focusing on delivering training for emplyees in the Waste and Recycling sector. It has a stand alone module structure meaning you can just focus on one specific topic area or mis and match to gain a broader breadth ofknowledge. Includes both technical and managerial topics. Intensive modular approach minimises staff time out of the office. The courseis industry specific, with delivery by trainers who are industry experts in the topics, using real life case studies. The practical approach makes a real difference to day-to-day performance. For further information and course details contactMike Hibbert 01484 472 973 or email m.hibbert@hud.ac.uk