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Industry leaders met with the Environment Agency yesterday to discuss the proposed ‘dramatic’ changes (so called by LARAC’s CEO, Lee Marshall) to waste wood classification following the proposals put forward by the EA. 

A website has been launched to share history on recycling and reports prepared by Dave Mansell, who retired from Somerset Waste Partnership earlier this year.

Anyone who produces, treats, disposes, moves or arranges the movement of waste has a legal Duty of Care to ensure that waste is managed properly.
Following Duty of Care is vital both to ensure your own company’s compliance with the law, but also to ensure that your waste is passed on to someone who will also manage and handle it correctly.
This free seminar will focus on the specific requirements of Duty of Care for the construction sector and will provide the views of the regulator, the waste producer and the waste management sector.

Trewin Restorick of Hubbub has pulled together five ways to create an impact with the message you are attempting to communicate. 

The people at Hubbub have spent two years exploring how a small team can maximise their impact - and here they share their thoughts, and invite your comments. 

Read on for five ways to create impact

Representing LARAC Members

31 Aug 2017 |
Andrew Bird, LARAC Chair

Did I say the last quarter was a busy one? Well, there was certainly no slow-down in the run-up to the summer break. I represented LARAC on 9 occasions sharing some pretty knowledgeable company!