WISH releases new waste fires guidance

9 May 2017 |
Waste Industry Safety and Health Forum)

WISH (Waste Industry Safety and Health Forum) has released its newly revised waste fires guidance.

Get the most out of LARAC by using the scholarship programme

9 May 2017 |
Jennifer Perry, LARAC Support Services Officer

I've been working for LARAC since 2004 which, coincidentally, was the first year of our scholarship programme - it is now in its 14th year.  The scholarship was originally only envisaged as a 3-year programme to enable local authorities to send newer members of staff to the conference completely free of charge - with accommodation and travel all paid for.  But the enthusiasm with which the scheme was received by our members, meant that no matter what, we have been determined to keep it going.

LARAC has today (5th April) responded, on  behalf of its members, to a recent call for evidence from the Commons Environmental Audit Committee on disposable packaging by highlighting how much progress local authorities have made in the collection of plastic bottles.

LARAC has stated that while producers and retailers have made progress in cup and bottle design and in making recycling collections more widely available a more appropriate form of Producer Responsibility is needed as part of the UK's future waste policy.

WEEE targets set for 2017

4 Apr 2017 |
LARAC Office

Defra has announced that the overall target for 2017 is 622,033 tonnes, 40,617 tonnes higher than the household WEEE collected and reported by producer compliance schemes (PCSs) in 2016.  This is based on an anticipated growth in WEEE tonnages or around 14.3% compared to last year's target of 544,342 tonnes.  In effect, compliance schemes will need to collect around 40,000 tonnes more WEEE in 2017.   

The day after the Prime Minister triggered Article 50, a White Paper on the Great Repeal Bill was published, setting out the Government’s approach to converting existing EU law into domestic law on the day we leave the European Union.

The paper states that it aims to give maximum legal certainty for businesses, workers and investors and sets out how the Great Repeal Bill will deliver a smooth and orderly exit, by: