The Environmental Audit Committee has published a report on the 'Future of the Natural Environment after the EU referendum', which calls on Government to commit to a new Environmental Protection Act to ensure that environmental protections are maintained in UK law after the country leaves the EU. 

The European Commission has outlined its policy priorities for this year, and the implementation of the action plan on the Circular Economy features among the top policy areas highlighted in the Commission's Work Programme for 2017.

Discussions are ongoing within EU Member States to finalise the package of proposals due to be adopted by the European Union to update existing waste and recycling legislation.
This includes proposals to increase the existing recycling target for household waste from its current level of 50% by 2020, to a higher 65% by 2030 target.

Latest DEFRA Recycling Figures

15 Dec 2016 |
Lee Marshall

LARAC has said the latest DEFRA figures on the national recycling rate show the effects the ongoing council budget cuts are having on local authority waste services. LARAC believes the drop in recycling levels shows the funding of council waste services need a fundamental review and concepts such as Extended Producer Responsibility and Direct Charging need to be explored and implemented.

APSE has recently published the results of a new survey, conducted on their by behalf by Survation,  which asked residents what they thought about how money is spent on their behalf. 

Councils in Northern Ireland achieved a 42.2% municipal recycling and composting rate in 2015/16, according to the Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs.

Published 1st December, the annual statistical report shows that in total, Northern Ireland’s councils collected 969,157 tonnes of local authority collected (LAC) municipal waste in 2015/16.

The tonnage was a 1.9% increase on the 951,423 tonnes collected in 2014/15. Household waste accounted for 88.8% of total LAC municipal waste.