WRAP’s Retailer Survey finds food packaging and labelling has improved but there is more to do Confusing multiple date labels mostly removed Good progress on improving freezing guidance Conflicting guidance on fridge temperature still found on many foods Some product date labels have cut the time available to eat our food. 

On 20th February Mr Kevan Jones (MP for North Durham) asked the following written question of the Chancellor of the Exchequer: "How many visits to landfill sites in the (a) UK and (b) North East HM Revenue and Customs has conducted to check landfill tax payments in the last 12 months?"

Nearly eight years after launch, OPRL is trimming its on-pack labels to make them simpler for consumers to understand and easier for retailers and manufacturers to use.

Resources and Waste Minister, Dr Therese Coffey was unable to deliver her speech on the future of waste and recycling in the UK to the Aldersgate Group event in London yesterday (31 Jan).  But Chris Preston, Deputy Director of Waste and Recycling at DEFRA was on hand to deliver her comments.

In 2013 Biffa Municipal Ltd, working in partnership with South Staffordshire Council, introduced camera systems on all RCVs.