In response to the Defra Consultation on WEEE Compliance Fee Methodology, LARAC has expressed concern about the issues their members are having in getting WEEE Producer Compliance Schemes to contract with them to service DCF. LARAC highlights the fact that local authorities are increasingly having to use Regulation 34 notices in order to get their DCF’s cleared of WEEE.

LARAC has stated that regardless of which proposal DEFRA decides to adopt, the ongoing situation of non-collection from DCF by PCS is unacceptable.

Carole Taylor is to become the tenth Chair of LARAC, taking over from Andrew Bird in January 2018. Carole, who is Waste and Recycling Co-Ordinator for Pendle Borough Council, is currently one of the two Vice-Chairs of LARAC and has also been Treasurer of the organisation in the past. Carole has been a member of the Executive since 2002 when she was first elected as the North West representative and is one of its longest standing members.

The first new bulletin for the Food Waste Recycling Action Plan is now live!
Visit it here to find our all about progress in the first year, the latest tools and industry guidance, as well as opportunities to get involved and help improve recycling rates across the sector.

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LARAC has commended the principles and ambition shown by the London Mayor in the London Environment Strategy as part of its response to the recent consultation. LARAC pointed out that if the recycling ambitions are to be realised any future policies will need to be fully funded to have any chance of succeeding. LARAC believes this needs to be coupled with products being truly designed for recycling at their end of life and so has urged the Major to lobby on this so that stronger producer responsibility policies will help ensure this happens.

LARAC urged DEFRA to support the existing and comprehensive local authority kerbside collection systems in its response to the recent call for evidence on DRS for drinks containers. LARAC has stated that DRS could help provide and expand an on-the-go collection infrastructure where the concept of proper producer responsibility could help increase UK recycling levels. LARAC is concerned that a wider DRS scheme for the UK will duplicate the kerbside collections leading to loss of material and income for local authorities already battling severe budget cuts.