Tackling crime and poor performance in the waste sector

22 Mar 2018 |
Dianne Hewgill, LARAC Policy Support Officer

The Defra consultation on proposals to tackle crime and poor performance in the waste sector & introduce a new fixed penalty for the waste duty of care closes on 26th March, and we submitted our response yesterday, 21st March.  The consultation is split into 3 parts; part A and B focusses on the standard operator competence and reforming the waste exemptions regime. Part C, covers the introduction of Fixed Penalty Notice for household Duty of Care offences.

Statistics published by Defra have suggested that the 2017 collection target for waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) has been missed, with compliance schemes expecting a ‘seven figure’ compliance fee.

However, some producer compliance schemes have remained calm, explaining that the figures are not necessarily disastrous. Others have said that the UK remains on target to meet EU targets once substantiated estimates are taken into account, pointing to a study which shows that up to 10% of scrap metal can be counted as large household appliances.

Youngsters take the lead in recycling and tackling litter

13 Feb 2018 |
Peter Doherty, Bury Metropolitan Borough Council

LARAC hears of new opportunities to track waste crime

6 Feb 2018 |
Daniel Roberts - LARAC Vice-Chair

LARAC recently engaged with CIWM and other industry partners to hear of innovative approaches to tackling waste crime in the UK. Waste crime covers a range of activities, from fly tipping and illegal exports to misclassification and fraud and costs the UK £600 million per year. Local authorities often face a disproportionate bill for remedying the impacts of waste crime and LARAC supports a co-ordinated, pan industry approach that relieves the burden on cash strapped Council’s, tackling these issues at source.  Login and read my full report in the Members Area (Meeting Reports section).

WEEE – waste electrical and electronic equipment – compliance fees for 2017 will be set using a methodology drawn up by the Joint Trade Associations, it has been revealed.

This will include a ‘flat rate’ of £3.50 per tonne to reflect the variable costs involved in collecting and processing WEEE, the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) has said.

The WEEE compliance fee methodology has been announced