Election Overdrive

25 Apr 2017 |
Lee Marshall, LARAC CEO

The surprise announcement of a general election means that our industry is likely to go into overdrive in the next few weeks, calling on Governments, prospective Governments and all politicians in general to listen to what they have to say about waste, recycling and resource management. Some groups have already started.

Sai-Pac & Sphere Professional: Why we are more than just a bag!

12 Apr 2017 |
Sanjay Prabhakar, Managing Director, Sai-Pac - a LARAC Partner

We had local authority services specifically in mind when we developed our laminated recycling bags – made of 100% recyclable and recycled material – these sacks are ideal for servicing flats and apartments - they are being used by local authorities, e.g. LB Westminster at this very moment! In the past 5 years, over 20,000 laminated recycling bags have been distributed to Westminster flat-dwellers. Proving to be a great solution for internal storage and for the transfer of dry recyclables to communal bins.

Keeping an open mind and forging new relationships

11 Apr 2017 |
Mark Harvey, VIP Bin Cleaning (LARAC Partner)

When all we are currently hearing about is severing EU relations and how this will potentially disrupt our current business arrangements and regulations, we at VIP are happy to be finding new and willing partners across the water. Of course, there is uncertainty out there but there are also possibilities, so it is essential to approach the future with an open mind.

Coffee cups - The Square Mile Challenge

3 Apr 2017 |
Rebecca Dove, Hubbub (A LARAC Partner)

Launching in April, the #SquareMileChallenge in the City of London aims to collect half a million coffee cups in its first month, and 5 million throughout 2017, so they can be recycled into new materials and products, some of which will donated back to the local community. The campaign is part of a record collaboration between all of the major coffee cup retailers, 45 businesses and the City of London together creating 100 places where you can recycle your coffee cup, of any kind. Hubbub is leading on the campaign in partnership with the recycling provider, Simply Cups.

When British voters opted to leave the European Union last summer, it did not automatically signal the country’s exit. That is the job of the much-talked about Article 50, a piece of legislation that, once triggered, will enable Britain’s complex negotiations on exiting the EU to begin.