Producing permits for garden waste used to be a real grind. Whether it was long, frantic hours scrawling addresses on permits in-house, or hours of admin, printing on a temperamental laser printer. The tedious hours of pack and dispatch…

How can EPR systems assist communications?

4 Oct 2017 |
Duncan Simpson, Valpak - LARAC Partner

Communications, education and awareness have always been high on the list of essential items needed to support strong recycling activity. The Circular Economy goals will no doubt require continued efforts and resources into this area also.

A warm welcome to the Class of 2017!

28 Sep 2017 |
Alyce Morris, Repic

As we head into autumn, we also head towards the annual LARAC Conference in Nottingham. This is an event I always enjoy. From the interesting presentations at the conference to the awards dinner; and I always look forward to meeting the new LARAC Scholars on the Tuesday before the conference.

Too much of a good thing…

19 Sep 2017 |
Andy Doran, Novelis - LARAC Partner

Like all good celebrations they can run on an on. After all the queen has had two birthdays a year for as long as I can remember and looks none the worse for it.

Why are we here? Assessing the benefits of being at RWM ....

14 Sep 2017 |
Jennifer Perry, LARAC Support Services Officer

So, it's day three at RWM – and as Lee has just gone off for a meeting with a CIWM rep I had better remember that the show's full name is RWM in Partnership with CIWM!