Aluminium for good

15 Mar 2018 |
Andy Doran, Novelis, LARAC Partner

It’s been tempting of late to think that the world has gone slightly crazy. The resources sector is being continually challenged with the scourge of plastic waste finding its way into our oceans and the latest restrictions on exports of some secondary raw materials into large overseas markets such as China.

... So at times of immediate turmoil it is helpful to lift your gaze above the day to day and look even further to the future.

Join Hubbub in calling for more funding for coffee cup recycling

13 Mar 2018 |
Trewin Restorick, CEO Hubbub

At Hubbub, we are looking for three local authorities to join us to secure more corporate funding to expand coffee cup recycling schemes in the UK.

Fly-tipping is on the rise, with local authorities forking out more than £57.7 million last year to clear up rubbish dumped on public roads, paths and land.

It’s the highest bill since 2008/9.

Social Media. It’s a polarising topic. Either it’s the origin of all that’s wrong with the world or the most brilliant way to keep in touch with friends and loved ones.

Ditching plastics would lead to larger environmental issues

2 Feb 2018 |
James Lee, Cromwell Polythene Managing Director

Cromwell Polythene managing director James Lee encourages local authorities not to have a knee jerk reaction to anti-plastic media reports.