Third Sector

LARAC wishes to promote the involvement of the third sector and believes that it has a key role to play in re-use, especially around collection of bulky household goods where economy of scale doesn’t exist. LARAC acknowledges that in some parts of the country the potential benefit for established systems may be limited, however where third sector organisations can deliver community involvement and/or services of the required quality they are to be encouraged.

Reuse Credits

LARAC are fully supportive of DEFRA’s position on Reuse Credits.

Refillable Containers

Refillable packaging systems can contribute to waste prevention and resource efficiency. Waste prevention takes priority over recycling; provided the environmental cost of collecting, cleaning and refilling containers does not outweigh the beneficial effects mentioned and the economic cost is reasonable, LARAC supports the use of these types of containers. In this respect emphasis should be given to materials which add the greatest overall value. Where systems exist for using re-fillable packaging, LARAC supports re-use over less sustainable methods of waste treatment or disposal. LARAC believes that more promotion of the benefits of refillable containers to consumers is needed.

LARAC suggests that waste prevention targets for producers of household packaging waste may act as an incentive for the introduction of deposit return systems on refillable containers. However, in the light of other options currently open to the industry (e.g. lightweighting and concentrating), and the logistical challenges identified in other countries of operating deposit and return schemes, LARAC suggests that introduction of such schemes should in the first instance be undertaken on a voluntary basis.