Courtauld 2025 Agreement
15 March 2016
By: Andrew Bird, LARAC Chair

As you will no doubt have seen, WRAP has officially launched the new Courtauld agreement, Courtauld 2025. This agreement is different in that it focuses on a specific material – food – instead of a specific sector as it did in the past.

Repic's WEEE workshop for LARAC Scholars
11 March 2016
By: Lee Marshall, LARAC CEO

At Conference last year we enjoyed new support of our Conference Scholarship Programme in the shape of WEEE compliance scheme REPIC. The LARAC Scholarship programme enables 18 local authority officers to attend the LARAC Conference free of charge, officers new to our industry who otherwise would not have gone to the event. On top of this REPIC have supported a number of initiatives for the Scholars following on from the conference. There has already been the chance to contribute to blogs, attend a House of Commons event and then this site visit to a WEEE reprocessing plant in the north west.

Andrew Bird, LARAC Chair
10 March 2016
By: Andrew Bird, LARAC Chair

I am excited to be writing the first piece for the new LARAC blog which is being launched today. The aim is to provide our members with relevant, interesting blog articles from key people in the industry as well as our own team of elected representatives, so please let us know what you think and if there are any topics you’d like us to talk about, get in touch.